Learning foreign languages has always played a fairly important role in human life. But the question often arises why is it worth learning foreign languages? People have to develop all the time, acquire new skills, improve memory and concentration. Learning foreign languages is the best opportunity to foster your own development. By making progress, a person goes to a new level and from this comes an amazing sense of satisfaction. We feel that we can do something and this is a great motivation to continue working on ourselves.


1. English is the most popular foreign language in the world today.


2. English is the language of science, business, international cooperation, and diplomacy - it enables study and study abroad, it is necessary to get a good job in Poland and in united Europe.


3. English is one of the easier languages ​​to learn. The grammar is relatively simple, nouns have no variable endings, and verbs are practically the same in all persons


4. Knowledge of the English language will facilitate communication and movement during trips abroad - you will easily find the street, restaurant,  airport, or hotel you are looking for.


5. Knowledge of English will make it easier for you to establish contacts with foreigners, you will be able to correspond, for example, by e-mail with people from all over the world, as well as search for news on foreign-language websites.
6. You will understand the lyrics of your favorite songs and dialogues in your favorite movies, in the cinema, and in front of the TV, without the help of a voiceover or subtitles.
7. You will be able to read newspapers, books, and other foreign-language materials, often not available in Polish. Thanks to this, you will know more about professional or private issues that interest you than a person who only knows Polish.
8. Knowing English, you will be able to take language tests and exams, which will enable you to go to better studies or find a better job.
9. Learning a foreign language is a great intellectual exercise with many benefits at any age. It improves the ability to concentrate, trains memory, increases the level of our cultural experience, allows us to look at the world from the point of view of a different culture.
10. When you learn English, you will be proud of yourself - you will achieve something that many people dream of and thanks to this you will gain  a lot of self-confidence, which is very necessary for everyday life
          Good luck!