Courses available throughout the school year in the UK

Our program is ideal for students between the ages of 8 and 18 who want to learn about the British curriculum, meet new friends and practice English in an authentic setting. Students have the opportunity to learn about the culture and customs of Great Britain - living with a host family, and put language skills into practice. Our partner schools are located throughout Great Britain, from large cities to coastal towns and villages, providing a great opportunity for students to experience exciting diversity Great Britain

What’s included

  • Full integration program (20 hours of lessons per week)
  • Teaching materials, registration fee,
  • Airport transfers
  • Welcome meeting
  • Accommodation for students and mentors
  • Lunch at school (or lunch pack)
  • Daytime and evening program of social activities, sport, local visits and sightseeing and day trips
  • 24/7 Contact and emergency support
The ultimate year-round UK school experience

All courses and extracurricular activities, attractions and trips are individually tailored to the needs of the group and financial possibilities.

Cultural integration is a key aspect of this program

Living in an English school naturally creates an opportunity to improve both English skills and confidence at a speed that students may not be able to achieve through home-based education. Interaction with students of other nationalities helps to break language barriers and open to new experiences and acquaintances. In peer-to-peer conversations, students learn colloquial language and idioms that they can use for authentic English exercises.

Adapt to British life by staying with a host family

Homestay gives School Integration students the chance to truly experience in Great Britain and practice English even outside the classroom. They will be able to use English in a relaxed atmosphere; they will be able to acquire new vocabulary and improve their pronunciation. Students will enjoy everyday life in an English home, try English food and learn about British culture, adopting the same lifestyle as their new British friends from school.