So what if most of us set goals or resolutions for the New Year, since most often we do not achieve the assumed results?

Most people who make a promise to quit smoking, go to the gym 3 times a week or not eat fast food from the new year, will experience a decline in motivation over time

to achieve their goal (and in extreme cases they will not do anything to get closer to that goal).

Goals that we really want to achieve, we should SMART them up...


This is what our goal should be.



 It is not enough to say: "I want to increase sales in my team." Some details need to be added ("I want to increase my book sales through

The Internet "), define a measurable effect (" I want to increase my book sales via the Internet by 10% "), give the goal a motivating power and make

to be attractive ("I want to increase the sales of books via the Internet by 10%, so that the obtained passive income can be spent on my holidays"),

and also to define it in a real and timely manner ("with the help of my team, I want to increase my online book sales by 10% by July 2020,

to allocate the obtained passive income to your holidays in August 2020

Plan wisely !!!

Only such goals really motivate and it is much more difficult to sabotage them yourself than asexual, unmeasurable and untimely goals from New Year's resolutions.