Whatever your accomplishments are great or lousy, good or bad, positive or negative, always remember that we live in a world of cause and effect. If not everything is on the outside, then not everything is fine on the inside.

Declarations are powerful tools of change. A declaration is a positive statement that is made emphatically and loudly with your hand over your heart. They are a valuable tool for changing reality. Everything around us, consists of energy that travels in the form of vibrations of a certain frequency. Each declaration carries with it vibrations. When you say it out loud, its energy vibrates through the cells of your body and if you touch it then you can feel its unique resonance. Declarations are not only a specific message for the world, but also a powerful message for your subconscious. It is an official expression of the intention of a certain action or assumption of a certain status. Action is an important element in this definition. You must take all necessary steps to make your intentions a reality. Make your statements out loud, morning and night. Doing it in front of the mirror speeds up the process even more.


twój swiat zewnetrzny jest tylko odbiciem wewnetrznego. 2

Your thoughts lead to feelings.How do you create your reality?

Your feelings lead to actions.

Your actions lead to results.


Your reality is made up of a combination of thoughts, feelings, and actions that come from the conditions of your past. What are the main sources of this software? For most, these sources include parents, friends, authority figures, teachers, religious leaders, the media, and the culture you grew up in.

You have been taught how to think and act. Each of us has a deeply ingrained pattern in the subconscious. It determines our fate more than anything else. You have been conditioned, which works in your reactions, which will determine how you act for the rest of your life. Unless you intervene and correct deeply ingrained patterns.


So where are your thoughts coming from? Your thoughts come from the information resources you have stored in your mind's archives, and where does this information come from? From your past programming. This conditioning determines every thought in your mind, so it is often said that the mind is conditioned.


Programming leads to thoughts that lead to feelings.

Feelings lead to actions that lead to results.

Therefore, just like with a personal computer, when you change software, you are taking the first step necessary to change your results.


So how are we marketed?

This happens in 3 different ways with regard to every sphere of life:

- verbal programming - what you heard when you were a child

- modeling - what did you see when you were a child

- specific events - what you experienced when you were a child

It is important to understand these 3 aspects of our conditioning well to find out what beliefs govern our lives.

Each of us has thousands of them, which most of us are unaware of. By discovering them and re-programming them with the help of declarations - you change your reality.


Old Belief: "Money Does Not Make Happiness" New Belief: "For me, money is a tool to make my dreams come true and make me happy"

Old belief: "Only by working hard I can achieve something" New belief: "New achievements and successes come easily to me"


You see how easy it is, so let's go - start changing your reality today !!!!